Who do we want to "Save" here?

Environmental awareness is picking up at present worldwide. The effects of global warming, global pollution and extinction of species are becoming undeniable to almost anyone. Hmm, maybe except of some politicians. 
However, the topic is often presented as calls to "Save the World". 

I realized that I feel uneasy about such phrase so let me have a closer look at it from a larger perspective in time and space. The word: "World" by Merriam Webster relevant entries means: - the earthly state of human existence - the earth with its inhabitants and all things upon it - the inhabitants of the earth: the human race. Which one do we refer to when we call for: "Save the World" initiatives? Regarding the "earth" part of the definition a short look at Wikipedia entry makes you realize that planet Earth was pretty safe since its formation 4,5 billion year ago and looks like it is going to be around for another significant stretch of time (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Earth ). However, life on earth underwent five large scale extinctions when 60 to 85% of all life vanished. 
At present we are witnessing the sixth man made extinction ourselves. The current holocene extinction is caused by human activity and its effects may last for up to next five million years. In turn technology may result in extinction of humanity, leaving the planet to slower evolution devoid of human activity (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Future_of_Earth). 

So maybe we are referring to us "the human race" after all when we call for:"Save the World" initiative. And maybe we want at least some of our pets and a bit of nature to survive with us. Now I find this last statement of "Save us" much more honest and humble too. It allows us to ask more effective questions directed towards changes in our own motives, agenda and behavior patterns. Such introspective questions will allow us to concentrate not only on the root causes of our current human made predicament, but on finding solutions as well. 

And finally what has coaching to do with this all? Coaches are here to ask their clients powerful questions from a big perspective, are they not? And they help to create awareness and assist designing actions, planning and goal setting as well as managing progress and accountability. Accountability of an adult humanity for our own deeds as humanity, and for our future. The global perspective and direct communication makes all the difference. So let's ask really powerful questions. 

Let's play the World Game! 

Peter Stefanyi 
Erickson Traner of Four Quadrant Quantum Thinking course 
October, 2018