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The 5th International 

“Step into 21st Century Coaching”

Antalya, Turkey, April 12-20th 2019

2019 Conference Agenda

The World Game is the center of a human consciousness tipping point through solution-focused World Game Coaching.

World Game Antalya 2019  
Why should I come? 

There has never been a more interesting and fascinating times to live in. With the advancement of technology, science, communication, and overall economical progress, we are by far the most privileged and comfortable that a human being has ever been. But it all comes at a cost and the 21 Century individuals and businesses are faced with a very new reality that needs to be addressed immediately. The cash flow, business development, and profitability conversations that we have been used to are now slowly, but consistently giving way to the question of world sustainability both in the local and global arena. 

Have you noticed that more and more companies are talking about green solutions to make their production processes more sustainable, inspiring, and ecological? 
Have you noticed that more and more people are recycling their waste and discuss ways to sustain the food they make? Have you spotted Hybrid cars in your area and major motor companies shifting focus to more ecofriendly sources of fuel and materials used in their production? 
Are you aware of how various organizations are trying to address our current political crisis to support those who suffer from wars or famine? The new reality and the 21 Century challenges need our attention and a new approach for both individuals and businesses to survive and thrive while making the World a sustainable environment for us all to live in and function comfortably. 

The World Game’s mission is to unite Coaches World Wide in a common vision of an effective 21 Century leadership and coaching development which will match the challenges of the emergent reality; we must make our planet sustainable for all of us. The World Game platform is a place where WE build our capacity and community as World Game Coaches, Leaders, Teams, and Regional Ambassadors. With our international conference, every three years, and our regional conferences and workshop presentations, we link our coaching abilities to our world community and its challenges.  

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Check Out Bali 2016      
World Game Conference

World Game Bali took place April 1st-13th, 2016 in Bali Indonesia and was attended by over 250 participants from 10 countries around the world. 

Lyra Puspa, WG Bali Organizer, PCC coach, Founder and President of Vanaya Coaching Institute, and Erickson Indonesia Trainer said, "The event was held in order to provide for the transformation of man, which man is able to turn himself into a human being that much better through coaching. 

World Conference Game Coaching is coaching at the Olympics for the world of global scope." This WG brought some of the best coaches from around the world and the topics brought by each coach were certainly very diverse, including leadership, culture, business strategy, hinga self-development. 

Facilitators that participated were Marilyn Atkinson, PhD (Canada), Dr. Peter Wrycza (Indonesia), Peter Stefanyl (Slovakia), Christopher Cooke (Britain), Gaurav Aurora (India), Richard A. Bowell (USA), Mark Fournier (USA), Lyra Puspa (Indonesia), Lucy Kusman (Indonesia), Indira Abidin (Indonesia), and Indrawan Nugroho (Indonesia), Silvia Viola (Portugal), Rebecca Yang (China).