About Antalya, Turkey

Antalya Province  is located on the Mediterranean coast of south-west Turkey, between the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean sea. Antalya Province is the centre of Turkey's tourism industry, attracting 30% of foreign tourists visiting Turkey. It was the world's third most visited city by number of international arrivals in 2011, displacing New York. 

Antalya is Turkey's biggest international sea resort. The province of Antalya corresponds to the lands of ancient Pamphylia to the east and Lycia to the west. It features a shoreline of 657 km (408 mi) with beaches, ports, and ancient cities scattered throughout, including the World Heritage Site Xanthos. The provincial capital is Antalya city with a population of 1,001,318.

The city that is now Antalya was first settled around 200 BC by the Attalid dynasty of Pergamon, which was soon subdued by the Romans. Roman rule saw Antalya thrive, including the construction of several new monuments, such as Hadrian's Gate, and the proliferation of neighboring cities. The city has changed hands several times, including to the Seljuk Sultanate in 1207 and an expanding Ottoman Empire in 1391.

What to visit in Antalya?

Ancient cities and ruins:
There are sites of historical and archaeological interest all over Antalya including 
The Pisidian city of Ariassos 
Acaliasos, Cormus, Gagae, Idebessos, Kitanaura, Olympos and Rhodiapolis
Andriake, Antiphellos, Apallai, Myra, Phellos, Sure 
Apollonia, Hysa, Ilysa, Istloda, Teimiusa 
Arycanda, Limyra, Melanippe, Trebema
Lycian rock graves In the district of Kemer
Idyros, and the Lycian city of Phaselis In Side; the town itself, Seleucia (Pamphylia), a temple of Athena and another of Apollo The church of Saint Nicholas in Demre 
The caves of Beldibi, Damlataş and Karain 
Hadrian's Gate, the Roman fortification and the clock tower in the city of Antalya itself.  

National Parks
Koprulu National Park 
Termessos National Park 
Olympos National Park

Sites of Natural Beauty:   

Manavgat Waterfall 
Kursunlu Waterfall 
Duden Waterfall Oymapinar 
Dam Köprülü Canyon 
Saklıkent Canyon 
Düzler pine forest 
Saklikent Ski Resort

More detailed Information you can read on Antalya Wikipedia page                                                                                                                                                                          

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