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The World Game Conference
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The World Game’s mission is to unite Coaches World Wide in a common vision of an effective 21 Century leadership and coaching development which will match the challenges of the emergent reality; we must make our planet sustainable for all of us. The World Game platform is a place where WE build our capacity and community as World Game Coaches, Leaders, Teams, and Regional Ambassadors. With our international conference, every three years, and our regional conferences and workshop presentations, we link our coaching abilities to our world community and its challenges..

Everyone is invited to play and is intended to spark passion for serving others, while sharing inspiration, hope, and positivity. If everybody plays, humanity wins.  

The World Game, the only Game worth playing


The 5th World Game Conference

“Step into 21st Century Coaching”


Words from
the Founder

Learn what coaches and thought-leaders are planning for the World Game conference in Turkey, April 2019, and what you can do to contribute to the positive change in your community!

Marilyn Atkinson

The Founder of the World Game movement

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